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Do Baguette Diamonds Look More Flamboyant?

  • 3 min read
Baget P─▒rlantalar Daha m─▒ G├Âsteri┼čli G├Âr├╝n├╝r?

Do Baguette Diamonds Look More Flamboyant?

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The latest trend is baguette diamonds. I wonder why? Actually, there is a technical explanation for this besides fashion. More precisely, we can talk about a chain interaction. Now let’s look at it in a little more detail:

We know that a diamond consists of 3 parts. Crown, arch and cone. For the details of this information, we refer you to our related blog:“The Three Parts of a Diamond“. And let’s continue with our topic. A diamond weighing 1 carat has a significant portion of its weight and therefore volume in the cone, which we cannot see directly.

We know that baguette diamonds are rectangular and don’t have a cone in the classic sense. That’s where the advantage is; it doesn’t put a significant part of its weight on the cone; a larger part of its weight is spread over the surface volume and it can look bigger. So next to a 1 carat classic cut diamond, a 1 carat baguette cut diamond looks slightly bigger. However, this may not always be the case; especially in solitaires, a significant portion of the weight of the baguette cut is also on the ground. For example, in the images below, among the fantasy rings of the same carats, the baguette design looks bigger and flashier, while there is no size difference in two different cut solitaire rings of the same carats, one round and one baguette:

A question may come to mind here: If the part we call the cone allows the light that enters the diamond to reflect back out from the crown and the more the cone is cut at the right angle, the more the light that enters the diamond is reflected without loss, are we losing this sparkle that would be reflected in the baguette cut, which does not have a cone in the classical sense?

Answer: Baguette cutting uses a different cutting technology. Although the baguette-cut diamond does not have a cone in the classical sense, it has a distinct sparkle with two separate intersections that allow light to reflect on its rectangular background. Therefore, it shines beautifully and looks big ­čśŐ Of course, the regulars of the classic cut diamond are different ­čĄŚ

Yes, especially the fantasy baguette designs look more flamboyant to some extent, and since they look more flamboyant, they have been preferred a lot lately; the more they are preferred, the more work is done on the baguette in terms of cutting technique and design, which means a big market with a supply-demand balance.

Of course, the 5 criteria of the quality of a diamond are also the same for baguette diamonds [carat – color – clarity – cut – certificate]; for detailed information on this subject, we refer you to our related blog:“What Determines the Value of a Diamond?“]. The I’m Diamond diamond expert team is always working overtime to select the most special diamonds. Each of our diamonds is unique and waiting for its owner.

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